GIST, operates with the concept of providing the client with the best of all worlds in Consulting Engineering.

Capable and experienced professional engineers organized to design and develop high value communication and control systems at minimal cost, while maximizing reciprocal benefits to clients.

Global Intelligent System Technology Inc (GIST)

Corporate Organization

GIST, an engineering consulting firm specializing in Electrical, Telecommunications, Construction Management and Control systems. It is a virtual organization combining the talent and resources to provide the engineering expertise. Such systems include:

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems used by utility companies, Oil & Gas, Pipeline and both small & large manufacturing plant
  • Project and Construction Management – Design and construction system implementation
  • Net Network connectivity systems used by business organizations small and large
  • Microwave systems – with a growing number of users nationwide
  • Wireless System – With the growth in wireless and Internet system usage
  • PBX’s installed at any organization of considerable size
  • Cable/Broadband system

GIST has few full-time employees. This allows us to maintain a low overhead.

We instead draw from a pool of resources with a simple shared philosophy -provide quality- engineering services to our clients for a fair cost. The individuals we have in our resource pool have tremendous experience in engineering and project management.

Our resources include nearly 450 individuals, besides our full-time staff. Such resources ensure all projects are performed, managed, and implemented by capable individuals, empowered by the principals guiding corporate operations.

The clients served by GIST realize the benefits of working with Project Managers, with the authority and experience to make decisions and resolve difficulties quickly.

Only the Best



GIST’s mission is to accomplish all tasks with a high-level of commitment, exemplary professional ethics, and dedication.



GIST‘s vision is to provide the best solution to Electrical, Telecommunication, Construction Management and control problems and exceed clients’ expectations.
Use experiences, disciplines, and expertise appropriately to benefit the client, society, the environment, and our world.



GIST is responsible for exercising all care, diligence, and skills to fill our clients’ requirements, to protect the welfare, health, and safety of the public, to contribute to the community and act with full integrity while fulfilling our professional duties.

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