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Individually and collective, we have experience in remediation projects. The underground water treatment projects, for the Corps of Engineers, at the USA Military base in Tracy California, were very successful that US Corps of Engineers uses the projects as template for some of their future remediation projects.

Also staff in the corporation participated in the Katrina natural disaster in Louisiana, as a subcontractor to FEMA in the cleanup effort.

GIST has access to the latest technology of cleaning sludge oil from wells and waste disposal landfills. Portable units that can be use to clean wastewater from gas operation during fracturing.

Farcing process generates contaminated and toxic chemical additives that usually causes serious infection when careless dispose to human environment. Using high powerful centrifuge system to clean the wastewater, the recovered water can now be injected to into the process again. An entire centrifuge system can be containerized. Therefore it can be deplore to production site or waste landfills sites.
The advanced engineering knowledge to use heavy duty, superior centrifuge system in cleaning sludge and heavy oil is a bonanza to the Oil companies because it is a “two way” relief for them:


  1. Environmental compliance
  2. Revenue generation from recovered oil from the sludge
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