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Our vision at GIST is to provide the very best Engineering and Construction Management Services, apply the most appropriate technology for every situation and always exceed our clients expectations!

Our Services

Installation Management

Electrical, SCADA and Control systems

Project Management

Work Plan Development, Administration, Performance Evaluation, Status Report, Quality Control

Human Capital Investment & Training

Operations, Maintenance, Training, Technical Marketing

Supply Chain Management

Bit Tabulation, Vendor Selection Process, Expediting, Shipping and Receiving

Smart Security Systems

Physical and cyber Security

Satellite Systems

Earth Station System, Orbital System, GPS Technology




GIST’s mission is to accomplish all tasks with a high-level of commitment, exemplary professional ethics, and dedication.


GIST‘s vision is to provide the best solution to Electrical, Telecommunication, Construction Management and control problems and exceed clients’ expectations. Use experiences, disciplines, and expertise appropriately to benefit the client, society, the environment, and our world.


GIST is responsible for exercising all care, diligence, and skills to fill our clients’ requirements, to protect the welfare, health, and safety of the public, to contribute to the community and act with full integrity while fulfilling our professional duties.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Our Projects

Installation Management in Electrical, SCADA and control systems

GIST offers construction Management services in enhancing our commitment to quality engineering project design and management. 

Oil and Gas Services

Decision in the oil drilling business, before, during, and after drilling requires input from sources other than just the texture of the soil or water current. Real-time input data can be made available remotely to those that make key decisions on the drilling and path navigation.

Logging Services

At GIST, in collaboration with the best Mud Logging Equipment unit manufactures and fabricators, we offer the exploration and production companies quality mud logging services.

Our Mission

• Design Scalable Portable Concept

• Maintaining lasting relationships with our clients & community

Advance our knowledge base as technology advances

• Maintain excellent relationship with clients

• Respect clients’ principles

• Provide the most technically appropriate engineering designs for our clients

• Design system expansion or growth compatibility for our clients

• Design, implement, and integrate systems with expertise

• Exceed all set targets

• Meet or exceed all schedule deadlines

• Provide all services within or under budget

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GIST, operates with the concept of providing the client with the best of all worlds in Consulting Engineering.

Capable and experienced professional Engineers organized to design and develop high value communication and control systems at minimal cost, while maximizing reciprocal benefits to clients.

Corporate Organization

GIST, an engineering consulting firm specializing in Electrical, Telecommunications, Construction Management and Control systems. It is a virtual organization combining the talent and resources to provide the engineering expertise.
GIST has few full-time employees. This allows us to maintain a low overhead. We instead draw from a pool of resources with a simple shared philosophy – provide quality-engineering services to our clients for a fair cost. The individuals we have in our resource pool have tremendous experience in engineering and project management.

Our resources include nearly 450 individuals, besides our full-time staff. Such resources ensure all projects are performed, managed, and implemented by capable individuals, empowered by the principals guiding corporate operations. The clients served by GIST realize the benefits of working with Project Managers, with the authority and experience to make decisions and resolve difficulties quickly.

Project Concept

All project coordination and other management activities initiate from our office in Houston, TX USA.
GIST, coordinates efforts with personnel in the field or in the office using:

• Team Meetings.
• Facsimile (FAX) machines.
• Mail services.
• Telephone/Pager/Cell Phone.
• Computer modems.
• E-mail.
• Road runners

We use the methods necessary to ensure our clients are properly served during every phase of the project.

Project Management

Without planning and proper management, no project, no matter how small, is successful. Project Management is a part of every project. GIST executes project tasks in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our project managers are professionals experienced in project management, Planning, Construction Management, Inspection and coordination.

Project Approach Concept

The scope of every Telecommunication/SCADA/Control/Electrical design project requires a specialized engineering team with experience in several different areas:

  • Experience in the design, specification, and evaluation of various projects’ hardware and software systems applications.
  • Experience in the Telecommunication/SCADA/Control/Electrical/Waste Management/Oil & Gas system marketplace, to ensure an in-depth awareness of each supplier’s capabilities.
  • A detailed knowledge of the suppliers’ hardware and software products to ensure specifications, budgets, and schedule deadlines can be reasonably achieved.
  • Experience in data System alternatives and the design, specification and implementation of communications systems suitable for various applications.
  • Proven experience in system project management.

GIST is not affiliated with any equipment vendor, so the design and selection will be conducted to suit Owner’s best interests rather than tailored to fit one particular vendor’s solution.

By applying the project management experience gained during many similar projects, we can assure our client of a well planned and coordinated project which can be completed on time and within budget to satisfy all the Owner’s requirements for those agencies that normally interface with such a system.

Life Cycle Costs

Rapidly changing technology can now make a system obsolete in less than five years.
Life cycle Cost analysis has become a most important aspect of any system selection.
Obsolescence is often not due to the equipment’s failure to perform, but more to the lower cost of system replacement when compared to the rising costs of system maintenance and expansion/upgrade.

Throughout each project, steps will be taken to avoid typical system obsolescence pitfalls and provide the most cost-effective solution for our client.
A system design/Technical specification will be developed that minimizes the likely impact of technological changes.
Only designs compliant to computer equipment or peripheral industry standards will be pursued. Software specifications will be created to allow flexibility and provide user-friendly features.

Project Team

Early phases of the project, including planning, design, and RFP development can be accomplished most efficiently by individuals selected (from our pool of design engineers) with prior consultation and approval by our client. The team will work with the client’s Project Manager and the Committee designated to oversee the project.
This type of committee has the primary obligation to ensure that owner’s desired objectives will be met.

GIST approaches in each project is to propose to staff its initial team with senior specialists’ experience in various areas of Telecommunication/SCADA/Control/Electrical system designs.
This team will develop the plans and specifications needed to implement a high quality Telecommunication/SCADA/Control/Electrical system & Construction management projects.

During the later phases of the work, the same specialists are responsible for ensuring the systems are thoroughly tested, both in the factory and on site. Other engineers and technicians will support this team throughout the implementation and commissioning phases.


GIST recommends that our client’s engineering, maintenance, and operations representatives receive both formal and informal training during the project life cycle. Formal training can be specified so that equipment contractor provides classroom style training coordinated with project activity requirements. Informal training can be programmed naturally into activities to expose our client’s staff to all system maintenance and operating requirements. In addition, GIST will ensure that our client receives all system component instruction and service manuals provided with each piece of equipment. All documentation, such as notes, photocopies, graphic pictures, digital picture, E-mail notes, telephone notes and other gathered relevant information, during the life cycle of each project will be turned over to the owner.

Our Principals

Our Principals have been involved in major projects with the following companies:

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