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GIST designs, develops, and implements electrical, telecommunication, construction management and control systems. Systems which meet the client’s performance requirements, with suggestions or options to provide for growth and system expansion/upgrade.
Telecommunication networks are inevitable to achieve maximum effectiveness in the modern 21st century global life. In transportation, to enhance your systems from GPS to mass transit tracking to traffic management to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), adequate telecommunication network system become the cornerstone of your success. Feel free to inquire about any of our services at anytime!

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GIST offers electrical engineering for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to power distribution, design and construction support services for overhead, underground and other types of low or high voltage supply systems.

  • Electrical System feasibility studies
  • Street Lighting Systems
  • Fuel cell Generation Facilities
  • Technical Counseling
  • Co-generation plant
  • lectrical System Design
  • Electrical Engineering Estimation
  • Electrical Distribution Routing
  • Voltage Conversion
  • Energy Conservation
  • Electrical Power Systems
  • Substation/Line regulation Settings
  • Distribution Planning Studies
  • Relay Testing
  • Electrical Power Systems Studies
  • Transformer Testing
  • Lighting Design
  • Ground Studies
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Transformer Sizing
  • Value Analysis

High demand around the world for energy presented researchers and engineers the challenges to improve the technology for renewable energies from various sources.
The Solar, Windmill and Bio Fuel technology are the most common and successful energy sources.
At GIST we are expertise in design and specifications of these renewable technologies. 
Among our design criteria is to use “Stand-AloneSolar power systems in hard to reach remote sites by utilities companies.

Construction Management

GIST offers Construction Management Services in enhancing our commitment to quality engineering project design and management. Under our construction management program, we ensure that our client is receiving the project quality specified in the construction specifications and drawings, and minimize the time required to resolve contractor questions and problems. We ensure that the project document is organized and prepared for project close-out folders.

We provide the following services in our construction management program:

  • Construction Manuals
  • Progress Reports
  • Manufacturer data
  • Inspection Reports
  • Schedule Revisions
  • Safety Violations
  • Change Orders
  • Accident Reports
  • Compliance Violations
  • Final Inspection Reports
  • Progress Payment
  • Turn-up Procedure
  • Status Reports
  • Record Drawings
  • Project Log
  • Close – out Documents
  • Violation Reports
  • Construction Report
  • Material Receipts
  • Construction Inspection
  • Plant Processing Facility Design
  • Contract Administration


Decision in the oil drilling business, before, during, and after drilling requires input from sources other than just the texture of the soil or water current.
Real-time input data can be made available remotely to those that make key decisions on the drilling and path navigation.
Therefore we design and implement cutting-edge technological systems to provide transparent and real-time data, such that accurate and precise actions are taken remotely by the geologists, chemical engineers and drilling engineers.

We design fully integrated network control center (On-shore or Off-shore) to facilitate a real-time collaboration among divisional decision makers.

Associates at GIST are seasoned Veterans in the EPC, whenever there is an opportunity for a major EPC, we have several resource of individuals and entities deem to be specialist in Oil and Gas, wells development, completion & production, Rig and platform operations, Pipeline construction, Refinery design, construction and LNG to form a coalition in implementing large projects.

Mud Logging Services

At GIST, in collaboration with the best Mud Logging Equipment unit manufactures and fabricators, we offer the exploration and production companies quality mud logging services:

We use state of art equipments such as constant flow and volume gas trap to allow gas detection And Chromatographic analysis machines.

We provide services:


  • Accurate entry of measurement

  • Real-time drilling data acquisition

  • Geological layers samples, including continuous data logging of chromatographic analysis

  • Data evaluation and reporting to owners

  • Equipment evaluation and specifications

Environmental Engineering Waste Management and Services

Individually and collective, we have experience in remediation projects. The underground water treatment projects, for the Corps of Engineers, at the USA Military base in Tracy California, were very successful that US Corps of Engineers uses the projects as template for some of their future remediation projects.

Also staff in the corporation participated in the Katrina natural disaster in Louisiana, as a subcontractor to FEMA in the cleanup effort.

GIST has access to the latest technology of cleaning sludge oil from wells and waste disposal landfills. Portable units that can be use to clean wastewater from gas operation during fracturing.

Farcing process generates contaminated and toxic chemical additives that usually causes serious infection when careless dispose to human environment. Using high powerful centrifuge system to clean the wastewater, the recovered water can now be injected to into the process again. An entire centrifuge system can be containerized. Therefore it can be deplore to production site or waste landfills sites.
The advanced engineering knowledge to use heavy duty, superior centrifuge system in cleaning sludge and heavy oil is a bonanza to the Oil companies because it is a “two way” relief for them:

  1. Environmental compliance
  2. Revenue generation from recovered oil from the sludge


GIST uses state of the art technology and knowledge of proven, less costly systems to provide our clients with the communications and control systems they require. Our experience and expertise allows us to engineer, configure, and implement the following:

  • Microwave Systems – Analog or Digital
  • Fiber Optic Systems


  • Mobile Radio Systems (MRS)
  • Communications Systems Procurement
  • Satellite Communications
  • Cellular Systems
  • Data Communications

  • Radio Communications

  • Multiple Address Radio Systems

  • Digital Communications Systems

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